Charter Info

Our Boats are set up for Sportfishing, Sightseeing and Whale Watching. All boats are 30 foot long with heated cabins, refrigerator, comfortable seating for 6 and a private head(bathroom) the deck is not covered and require rain gear.

Fish Processing costs extra, we will clean your catch and bag it up for you to take home or we can send it to a fish processor and they will trim it, portion it, vacuum seal and flash freeze it. They have a large freezer and will hold it until you arrive back home and then overnight it to your home via FedEx. The least expensive way to take fish home is to have your frozen catch put in a airline approved box (a foam with cardboard around it) and check it as baggage, the processor has the boxes and they also have them at the grocery stores and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Please purchase your Alaska State Sportfishing License from the Department of Fish and Game Website. They do not put the prices of fishing license up due to them changing yearly. A Sportfishing license is required for 16 and older, you should purchase a one day or multi day license if your going to be fishing somewhere else. There is always a chance that you will catch a legal King Salmon and you should purchase a King Stamp, a adult must be licensed when fishing with youth.

Fishing Boat Features

  • Seating for up to 6 fisherman or women enclosed head private room.
  • All safety equipment required by the Coast Guard.
  • Heated cabin with ample window to enjoy the views of the wildlife.
  • All fishing tackle for Halibut and Salmon with electric downriggers.
  • All charters are Exclusive Private for 1 to 4 persons with a extra charge up to 6 people per boat.

Business hours Alaska time zone open for 6am to 6pm daily through our season May to September. Normal start times for:

  • 4 hour charter is 8am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm.
  • 6 hour charters are 8am to 2pm.
  • 8 hour charter is 8am to 4pm.

Charter are not fixed in stone and we can custom plan your charter to meet your schedule. 80% of our charters are with fisherman off the cruise ship.

Our Whale Watching, Sightseeing tours are normally 3 hours and we can adjust the times to meet your schedule, we provide 4, 6, and 8 hour tours.

We are available to take reservations 24/7 and 365 days, call us, send us an email, or  fill out the form. If we don’t answer please leave a message and we will get back to you.